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Paint all the wood!!! (farmhouse kitchen cabinets)

The continuing kitchen cabinet saga… You guys offered a great idea regarding the original antique kitchen cabinets, so Dave pulled them today with the intent that we’ll use them somewhere else in the house. I’m still not sure where they’ll go, but for now we’re replacing them with standard contractor-grade wood cabinets from HD. That solution works great because the framing is pretty close to what the previous owner built. Once they’re all painted, it should look like they all belong together.

I have been torn between a warm light gray and a rich navy blue. Both would carry the colors from the living and dining room in, but when I started looking at all of my vintage kitchen stuff, I thought the gray would make a better backdrop for it. But paint being paint, if I change my mind, we’ll just get the brush out again.

Cari Cucksey RePurpose Chroma Color Paint - Flannel Gray

If you’ve read the blog for awhile, you’ll know that I’ve painted many things with many paints. I’ve used the Annie Sloan, the Miss Mustard Seed, the CeCe Caldwell, the Original Milk Paint…And now finally the RePurpose Chroma-Color. Cari Cucksey is really well-respected for her beautiful repurposed and refinished vintage furniture. So it makes sense that she would know what we’re looking for in a quality paint. She’s also someone who took the time to encourage me when I was opening my store, so I wanted to save a special project for showcasing her beautiful paint. I can’t think of a better project than the heart of the home, our kitchen.

This paint doesn’t require any priming or sanding. Just be sure to use a good quality brush. If you can’t get your hands on a good round one, grab a Purdy. The brush is everything. A good one will create a good finish, you won’t be picking hairs out of your paint, and it’ll hold paint well so you’re not constantly going back to the can to reload.

I’m way off in the weeds here. I haven’t gotten much painting done outside of a test strip. What I really wanted to do was set the stage for the beginning of our project. I’ll talk about the painting process more later.

So today Dave pulled the old cabinets down and put them in the basement. Behind them was some pretty magical orange plaid wallpaper!


Awesome, right? Can’t you just hear the corduroy pants zip-zip-zipping by?


Tomorrow the movers bring my fridge back to me. I can’t wait. Bye small white fridge!


The old cabinet is so pretty. I gotta think of a really great use for it. That old patina was too beautiful to paint over.

SO GLAD Dave is off this week. I have lots of work to do and am nursing a shoulder injury, so it’s nice to see some progress being made. Mega husband points. He’s so awesome. My office is right next to the kitchen, so I can supervise.

Cari Cucksey

And that’s the test patch! It’s RePurpose Chroma-Color Paint in Gray Flannel. I’m so excited to get to finally take this paint for a spin.





Check it out!

painted farmhouse kitchen cabinets

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