Antique kitchen cabinets, to paint or not to paint?

When we bought this old house, I loved the cabinet. Note the lack of plurality. There’s one cabinet in the kitchen which I think is probably original to the house. It’s beautiful. The wood is dark has a rich patina. I love the hardware and rolled glass front. The old beadboard back is more charming than an Oscar Wilde quote. It’s dreamy in every possible way.



The other cabinets were likely handmade by the previous owner, who was a woodworker. The stain is lighter, and even though there was an obvious effort to match them, the hardware is different.



I’d like to keep all of the cabinets if we can, but if they don’t match the original, it’s never going to look right.

It’s either figure out how to make the stain and patina match, which I have NO idea how to do, or paint them all. I’m not one of those “never ever-ever-ever paint wood or your boobs will spontaneously combust and blood will rain down until the end of days” kind of people. I love painted furniture. But in this case, I’d like to keep what the original owners of this home used and looked at back in 1897. I’m sentimental that way. Gah! Why don’t they just match? That would make things so much easier.

IF we paint them, I’d probably do a navy chalk paint and wax them then add light gray marble countertops to carry the colors through from the dining & living rooms. It would certainly be the most economical choice and wouldn’t require buying new cabinetry.

To paint or not to paint???



navy blue kitchen