Just hanging this weekend 

I’m finally getting around to hanging some artwork in addition to a few small fixer upper projects. This weekend was another busy one. My nephews & sister-in-law visited from Colorado, Will had a birthday party, then I installed a dimmer switch in the dining room and started hanging stuff on the walls. 

To my absolute delight <#sarcasm> the dining room wiring doesn’t seem to follow the rules of society. The old switch was wired upside down, then after I put the dimmer switch in I reversed the wires in hopes that the switch would flip the right direction. Well…it kinda does. The dimmer slider works right but the switch still flips opposite. 

Oh joy. Eff it. 

(Yes that’s David Bowie. Source: Etsy,Dirty Lola

I found a second chair I liked for the living room. -Another one just like the first. I don’t know…I was feeling uncharacteristically matchy matchy. So that issue is out of my life. 

Progress marches forward!