Farmhouse living room

The terrifying choice no one should have to make alone

Friends. I have a huge commitment to make. There are many consequences which come with a decision like this. Consequences which could last a lifetime and cause financial disaster.

I need to pick a chair for our front living room. There are umpteen million ways this could go wrong. Eleventy gagillion bad choices out there to make, only one that is right.

Here are shots for the room where the chair needs to go. The palette is intentionally neutral to accommodate the wide range art we’ll be hanging in there.



This is the corner where the chair will go:

living room chair options

There’s a look I’m going for and I feel like there must be tons of affordable alternatives out there. I’d like something vintage-inspired, but new. Upholstered, soft, but refined and pretty, not too girly. Gray or navy. An available ottoman would be nice, but I’m not opposed to mix-and-match.

This room looks into the dining room which is casually fancy and the tones stay gray & navy between the two spaces. There are mid-century elements in the living room that are balanced out with very traditional bits.


Shopping sources for the chairs shown above:

  1. Roman Wing Chair 
  2. Charcoal Oscar Chair, World Market
  3. 9 by Novagratz Vintage Tufted Chair, Walmart

That should give a good idea of what I’m looking for. I’d like to stay under $500. Have you seen something out there in the vast, wide interwebs that you think would work? I’d love to hear your suggestions!