Painting a farmhouse dining room

Farmhouse dining room, day 1

Dave and I finally closed on the farmhouse yesterday. After years of hunting for the right place and many delays, we have the keys and are home at last. Last night a few good friends stopped by and enjoyed some champagne on the front porch, but this morning we’re right to work on painting.

I headed over to Sherwin Williams and picked out shades for the dining room and living room. We’re starting on the dining room first.

img_4814Now, my family hails way back to New Orleans and then Galveston. I like that old Gulf Coast vibe in a house, which really lends itself to a dining room, so that’s where we’re headed. Drama, coziness, comfortable beauty, eclectic touches, a room for friends to linger in for hours.

I wanted Naval blue, but Dave liked this shade, Seaworthy by Sherwin Williams and he obviously has awesome taste, so we went with it. We’re using a flat finish because it’s more forgiving of imperfect surfaces. (Oh darling house, you’re not imperfect, just full of character.)


Paint prepping


Will helped with prepping, then took a break to ask me to dance. I swear I don’t know where he got this from, but there was spinning and the whole nine.


Prepping…so much prepping. We found this stuff called stress tape to cover the cracks in the walls. It has the feel of plumber’s tape, very thin and a little rubbery. It has a deckled edge so you can feather spackle and blend it into the wall. It’s an old house, so settling and cracks come with the territory.


After 130 years of people painting the trim, it’s a little gloppy around the edges, so I freshened it up and will be taping just outside the edge of the frame to fake a clean line. I know…not ideal, but hey, this is old house life, right? It’s OK ol’ gal, we’ll make you gorgeous.


Will and I decided to paint a swatch to check out the shade. (Digging the moustache)


It’s hard to get a good representation of the color, but it’s like a super dark teal’ish blue.

Farmhouse dining room paint

My hands are covered in streaks of blue paint. I look like I got into a deathmatch with a Smurf. We’re really eager to see this color up on the walls. Be sure to check back soon! I have 10 rooms of stuff to do here. There will be a LOT of projects going on over the next year or so.


A little note: While this is not a sponsored post, I do have a sponsored project coming up with Sherwin Williams. I just want to be sure everything is perfectly transparent. Thanks!