chocolate dinner party

Mixing old & new: Outdoor dining furniture

I’ve never been one for matchy matchy furniture. I don’t think I own a real “set” of anything. So when we started thinking about backyard dining furniture for the new house, I started with all those typical outdoor dining sets and didn’t find anything to fall in love with. I’ve looked all over the place, all the usual stores, even Craigslist at vintage sets, then I realized why I wasn’t happy with what I was turning up. They don’t reflect our taste for modern mixed with a little history. Plus I have big aspirations to entertain at an outdoor dining table like the one in Chocolat.

outdoor dinner party from Chocolat

The new plan is to grab some old planks of wood, lay them across 2 old wooden sawhorses I picked up at an estate sale a few years ago, then add rows of some cute new chairs. The brain waffling comes in because I can’t decide which chairs. I’ve narrowed the options down to these 3.


I feel like the bistro chairs would best fit the movie vision, but probably not all that comfy for long hours lingering with great company. The wicker armchairs look like they’d be comfortable, but maybe they don’t have enough style. I think the metal chairs would be a fresh contrast against the old wood, but maybe too bright? All three are either stackable or fold flat for easy storage.


What do you think? Which chair would you spend the evening in? Any other suggestions?

Option 1) Modern turquoise: Threshold™ Afton Metal Stack Patio Chair from Target, $55 each

Option 2) Classic all-weather wicker: INNAMO from Ikea, $35 each

Option 3) Bistro chairs: TÄRNÖ from Ikea, $15 each