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Inspire and be Inspired Giveaway: Becky Higgins Project Life Cards

UPDATE! Scroll to the end to see if you won the core set of Becky Higgins Project Life Cards

For the month of March, we’re going to explore uses for the Becky Higgins Project Life cards. In our crazy digital age, there is something so beautiful and peaceful about paper. Holding paper and pen in your hands, writing a sweet note, tucking it into a loved one’s travel bag, your child’s lunch, or even in your day planner. It’s simple and uncomplicated. I think that’s why it brings me so much happiness to sit with a lovely piece of paper and an old fountain pen. You can do it anywhere. How many expressive activities can you take with you which require so little complication?


One thing I really enjoy is using the Project Life cards for applications other than their original intended purpose. The paper quality is beautiful and they always have such pretty typography. They’re great for all sorts of creative projects aside from scrapbook albums. -And of course everyone already knows how great they are for memory keeping.


This summer we went on a family road trip. I ordered one of the travel kits and brought along a hole punch, metal binder ring, and a handful of pens. We used the Project Life cards for journaling about our travels, tucking them in between postcards we picked up along the way. We ended up with a travel journal on a ring at the end of our trip, a keepsake that was much less expensive and much more treasured than random tourist tchotchkes.

I use the Project Life cards on a daily basis for tucking a little special something into my day planner or leaving notes around for my family. -Or even a little positive note for myself! Some days you just need to give yourself a little love, ya know?


Here’s the March INSPIRE AND BE INSPIRED giveaway

The amazing folks who work with Becky Higgins have offered a core kit of her beautiful cards for 1 fabulous winner. All you need to do to win is:

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I can’t wait to hear your ideas!

Have a wonderful week and thank you for continuing to Inspire and Be Inspired with me in 2016.


WINNER ANNOUNCED! I entered the number of comments here into It came back with a drawing for #1. So the first commenter, Anna Englund, you’re the winner! We’ll be in touch via email to find out where this set of Becky Higgins Project Life cards should be sent. Congratulations and I hope they bring you lots of fun and creative inspiration!