Boho Living Room

Boho living room on a budget

I just got over a really nasty cocktail of influenza and pneumonia. In our family, the sick one is sealed off to the living room sofa to prevent the others from getting ill, so I had plenty of time to look at that room and grow to be pretty darn critical of it. As I hacked and sneezed, I started cooking up a plan to recreate a Boho living room on a budget. I tend to get sucked into the time period of houses and eventually feel boxed in by them. With a 1927 Chicago Bungalow, it’s really easy to fall into feeling like you need to stay in the time period. But you know what? I say PFFT to that! Let’s mix it up!

Most of what I’m using will be sourced from around the house. I’m starting with the base of a long gray sofa we got from Room and Board. It’s long, which suits my very tall hubby well. It’s not too Mid-Century to keep it from being repurposed into other design vibes. The photo below isn’t exactly like ours, but it’s close enough for discussion purposes.

Gray Room and Board sofa

I’m also working with some navy and lighter blue Ikat curtain panels, a really large rubber tree plant, and this coffee table from West Elm.

end grain coffee table from west elm

For accents, I have a stash of art and interesting pieces from travels that should suit the style. Stuff from around Thailand and Mexico. I have some textiles from India and the black and white rug from Ikea that everyone seems to own these days.

LAPPLJUNG RUTA rug from Ikea

And this Moravian Star light that used to hang in my house downtown. It needs to be dusted off and put back into rotation.

Moravian Star light

The beasts are going to be 2 comfy chairs that aren’t necessarily very stylish. One is a recliner…the bane of any room looking for elevated style, but I’m not willing to give it up because it’s my nesting spot.

Below are some ideas I’ve pinned for inspiration. Stay tuned! Hopefully I’ll have a reasonable update by the weekend.

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