Dji Phantom 3 Standard

A drone zone of my own

Shocking confession: I’m a geek. I’m a huge geek. I’m a huge geek who was raised by a huge geek in a family of huge geeks. We love 2 things the most. We love aviation and we love tech. My grandfather was a pilot before you had to be licensed to fly. My dad flies. My brothers fly. I was the only girl, surrounded by all of this and never learned anything else. Computers, planes, cameras, soldering guns, circuit boards…that’s where the awesome happens. Of my siblings, one is an aerospace engineer, one works for a major airline, one is a network administrator, and one (different household) is in ranching. Me, I’m a an interactive art director & photographer. That still counts, I think, though the techie cred is substantially lower than having a brother who literally makes rockets that go to Mars. If that’s the bar, I’ll always lose. Needless to say, this all came from my dad who is the Ruling Geek in Charge. When you buy a new camera, computer, phone, watch, etc. he’s the first one you call because you know he’ll get such a huge kick out of it. My dad built our first satellite dish and receiver. He has an FAA-grade weather station in his backyard. Like the kind they have at airports.


I love photography and I love aviation and I love tech. OF COURSE I had to get a drone. They’re finally at a sorta accessible price point. I saw Casey Neistat’s drone footage from his now world-famous snowboarding video and started having big daydreams of the shots I could get for Aluminitis. Oh man! Sky-high following shots of cute vintage campers winding down golden countryside roads…Le swoon!

I ordered one. A Dji Phantom 3 Standard is currently en route and I’m bouncy excited for it to get here. I keep watching YouTube videos about it. Hurry and arrive, drone! Why the Standard and not the Professional? I actually don’t want 4k video. I want this for filmmaking and 4k just has too much of a crisp and real image when what I want is the dreamy look of film. So no 4k means less $$$$ to spend, which works out great for me. This particular drone has a gimbal (which makes for nice, stable footage) and can operate using GPS satellites. You can see a live view of what it’s shooting on your phone or iPad and can even tap points on a map for it to fly to. So, say I want to do a flyover of a vintage trailer rally for the film. I can pull up the map, tap the various corners of the campground, set the altimeter & speed, and it’ll fly up to that height and do a pass from point to point on autopilot while I control the camera from the ground. I know. RIGHT??? That’s so COOL!

Why am I blogging about this?? Well, I guess it’s fair warning. I’m going to be geeking out hard on the aerial footage, so be warned. Or maybe it’s a heads up. Check back more/less often in the coming days depending on your preferences.

*If you love drone images, check out Dronestagram. Lots of gorgeous aerial eye candy!