Aluminitis Film

Our film: A documentary about the love of vintage campers

Aluminitis: Our Modern Love of Vintage Campers

About 14 years ago Autumn (now 22) and I went on a road trip up to Lake Superior Provincial Park. We hiked up waterfalls, rappelled along rock faces covered with ancient Ojibwe pictographs, and kayaked the most crystal clear waters in Pancake Bay. We did all of this in my VW Beetle and a small tent. We set up and broke camp over and over and over and over and over as we traveled all throughout Ontario and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

As we pulled into Tahquamenon Falls State Park, a couple pulled in beside us in a vintage Scamp trailer.

Holy crap. It’s all the things! And all they had to do was get out and get in. No packing, unpacking, repacking… I wanted one! So after getting back to Chicago, I followed the Internet rabbit hole which led me to find the Tin Can Tourists.

Since then our family has owned and fixed up no fewer than 5 vintage trailers. The more we learn about them, the history, and the community surrounding them, the more I’ve fallen in love.

1970 Avion

Our 1970 Avion

We want to tell the stories in the vintage camper community. There’s American history here. Family history. People who just want to make sure that special markers of special times don’t just fall into the dust. It’s not about money, it’s about loving something so much that you just want to preserve it.

Aluminitis Film

About the film

Aluminitis: Our Modern Love of Vintage Campers is self-produced and self-funded with the exception of what may be crowdsourced to help with some production hurdles. So far all of the film, sound, and design work has been done in-house by our family team. We are looking to wrap production by fall of 2016.

About us

Alana Waters-Piper: Art Director and photographer with 18 years experience. This is my first independent film. I’m finding a lot in common with still photography as well as new challenges. Thankfully I have an amazing network of talented friends who know lots of things that I do not. I’m leading all camera, lighting, production, editing, phone calling, emailing, and duct taping.

David Piper: Sound Engineer, Production Assistant. Dave graduated from Chicago’s Columbia College with a degree in Sound Engineering with a focus on documentary filmmaking.

Autumn Pearson: Production Assistant. Autumn grew up in an environment of creative professionals and is a very talented photographer in her own right. Her organizational and creative skills are magical.


I hope you’ll check back often and follow along as we make this film happen.

Best wishes,