The Victorian…should we?

I grew up in a family of Victorian home lovers. My great grandfather built a beautiful example in Galveston that still stands.

Just being from a Galveston family puts the love of Victorians in your blood. I’ve always dreamt of loving one back to it’s full beauty.  

Recently Dave and I toured one that’s for sale, but it needs a bunch of work. It’s not work that’s beyond our love and passion for fixing up old things, but if we’re going to take this plunge, I want to go in with eyes wide open. 

I’d love to hear about your experiences in restoring an old Victorian. What are some typical things to expect? What’s the oddest things you discovered along the way? Are there restoration funding resources out there that we should know about? 

I’m already planning the kitchen! Typical cart before horse stuff. A girl’s gotta have a dream. 


 (That featured photo is NOT the house we’re looking at, by the way!)