Doodlebug's First Day

Breaking out of the comfort zone: That’s my girl

My oldest just moved back up from Texas, into her first apartment, and today was her first day at the new gig.

So naturally I felt compelled to sneak up behind the barista station with my instant camera and pop a picture to commemorate the day as she said, “Mom. MOM. No. DON’T. God. Please don’t.”

But you can see her smiling in the photo. I think she secretly loved it.

There’s a story happening here. She’s lived in a comfort zone for quite awhile and has stepped away from a big part of her safety net to pursue becoming a creative professional. Her new roommate is a well-established commercial photographer. I’ll be working with her to help her learn the graphic design business. She moved to a town where she didn’t know anyone but her immediate family here in order to grow as a creative. I’m in awe and applaud her bravery.

Go get ’em, woman. Make it all yours, my sweet girl.