8 tips to be a more organized graphic designer

Looking to up your graphic design game? Get organized! When the details are clear, the job is easier and the clients are happier.

Here are 8 tips to be a more organized graphic designer…

…All very easy to do, that will wrangle all those loose ends and keep your projects moving forward. Yes, many are what you’d consider Project Manager tools, but they’ll help you be a better organized graphic designer, art director, creative director, or freelance designer.

People will think you’re a real grownup! (Don’t worry, I’m not either.)

Click here to design the digital design process flowchart I mentioned in the video.

Like I said, these are all tricks I learned the hard way. They help keep all the details in focus and as we all know, graphic design means keeping track of a LOT of details! Being organized in my workflow does not come naturally for me, so these are all things I had to learn in order to compensate for that. I hope it helps you, too!