vintage postcard framed art

Vintage postcards as art

Every now and then I get homesick and tend to take it out on my decor. Our dining room is very old school New Orleans. And my great aunt mentioned, “Your living room looks like mine!”  At the time she as in the home my great-grandfather built in Galveston.

I like surrounding my family with the comforting reminders of the environment I grew up with. It’s a lucky thing to grow up in an area with so much history.

One thing I’ve collected are color postcards from Galveston, the older the better. I’ve had a stack of them for awhile. This weekend a friend of a friend inspired me to frame and hang them. I purchased the buffalo, below, from his shop in Highland Park. I don’t know enough about antique postcards to be sure, but I think it’s likely hand-tinted.

This afternoon I picked up a few frames to hang these lovey touchstones of places that are special in my heart. The postcard below is from the late 1800’s. That’s the hospital where my grandmother worked as a nurse. It makes me smile, but the illustrations are also beautifully done.

Does anyone else collect vintage postcards? What do you do with them?