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Fountain pens

I’ve always enjoyed fountain pens. I think they’re so romantic. I remember my grandmother having a large antique secretary desk in her living room. Aside from her stationery, it also contained a glass inkwell, ink, and a dip pen. She had the most beautiful handwriting.

Fountain pens have come and gone from my life over the years but right now they’re back full throttle. Maybe it’s because I spend my whole day staring at a computer, but I love that feeling of being unplugged and connected with pen and paper.

I just started playing around with this Noodler’s Ahab flex pen. The tines of the nib flex and separate to give that old school script. It’s a lot of fun and they only run around $20. Also in my collection are a couple of Lamy fountain pens, which are my daily writers at work, a Jinhao, and a dip pen, which I positively suck at using. Flex pens are brand new to me, so I’m just learning.

Lindsey over at The Postman’s Knock has a lot of really great tutorials and worksheets available for download. I ordered a couple and they’re really in depth. Worth every cent and more of the very low price she charges. I can only hope to write half as beautifully as she does someday.

This pen case from Muji is perfect for holding nibs and pens.

This pen case from Muji is perfect for holding nibs and pens.

I’ve also been experimenting with different inks. Right now my favorite is Noodler’s Apache Sunset. It’s so beautiful with the range of shading that just naturally occurs when you write.

I think writing with fountain pens brings some fun to the rather blah task of taking notes at work. Who wouldn’t want writing to be a more fun? It just feels elegant and special.

Do you use a fountain pen? What’s your favorite? Which ink do you like?