What next? Blog mishmash

Hi guys!

I’ve been wondering what’s next for this blog. I enjoy so many things and wonder if there’s enough commonality to just tie them all up in one place, or do they need to be in separate sites? I had a fun chat with a very sweet friend last weekend who recommended that I just treat this like a collection of all the things I enjoy and not to stress to0 much about making this a vintage trailer blog, a DIY blog, a lifestyle blog, or a food blog. Trying to define a narrow focus kept me from blogging, which seems silly, right?

I’m just a creative woman who enjoys finding fun all over the place. I love digging through flea markets, cooking comfort food, photography, making stuff, obsessing over cute vintage trailers (we’re making a documentary!) and all sorts of randomness.

Would you rather see more focus? What would you like to see more of?