Free printable: Filofax / DayTimer / Planner page for daily tasks

I apparently insist on cramming my life full of too many activities, so I’m dag-gone determined to wrangle all of it this year. About a year ago I found a spiffy old DayTimer at a thrift shop for 2 bucks (score!) and it’s been sitting with my craft stuff waiting to be put to duty. I started off with the basic inserts, but am now designing my own pages to round it out with some fun and color. Then I thought, “Hey! Why not post this as a free printable for all those Filofax / DayTimer / Planner people out there who dig this stuff?” And then…I DID. So here it is. Just click below to download a super fancy pdf and print to your heart’s content.

Updated 1-11-2015
Click here to download standard personal size.
Click here to download standard A5 size.

Tip: Send a stack to FedEx Office (Kinkos) to print double-sided, then ask them to drill the holes for you according to your planner’s specs. That way they’ll all match up.

This one is for all those general things you need to get done in a typical day so you can carpe the heck out of that diem! Are there any other pages or functions you’d like to see? Different colors? Maybe I’ll whip some more up! Let me know in the comments below.

Free Printable: Daily Tasks page for Filofax, DayTimer, Planners |

Free Printable: Daily Tasks page for Filofax, DayTimer, Planners