Loopdedoo Yarn Christmas Tree Chain

A couple of weeks ago my friend Nicole (the fabulous lady in chief at Making It Lovely) and I went shopping. I’ve been really in love with those little wool pom-pom garlands, but while one may not be very expensive, to have enough for a 7 foot tree would really add up. So while we were looking around we saw a Christmas tree chain made from loops of yarn. She suggested that I try to make one with one of these Loopdedoo machines and I got to say I think it’s going to work fine! (She’s full of great ideas, that gal.) Obviously it won’t be ready for this year, but we’ll rock it on the tree of 2015!

Keep an eye on Michael’s, because they been running a lot of 40% to 50% off coupons. Otherwise they can run you up to $34-$35. I picked mine up for 15 bucks with a coupon.



I’ll post pics when it’s done.