The one big home decor secret everyone knows but me

I had such an epiphany the other day. I thought I was being completely brilliant. Why not pack all of the extra cluttery home decor stuff and then use it as your own little shop so you can cycle things in and out of your home to freshen things up?

Well I’m such a freaking genius, apparently everybody already does this.

Why don’t people tell me these things??!

I’ve always tried to put my holiday stuff out alongside all my normal every day decor stuff. I dread decorating for the holidays because it just makes everything look overwhelming.

Who’s in the club where they share all this information secretly and don’t tell the rest of the women these things? Stuff like this is the reason I drink.

So yeah, there. That’s my big break through for housekeeping. Pack stuff up the crap you don’t want to see and pull it back out when you do.

Mind blown.