Cute, quick, and easy fall decor project

Yesterday Will and I took a little trip over to Michael’s just to see what they had. They have these pretty cloches on sale for 60% off. I believe it ended up being about $7.

I don’t get really fussy with my holiday decor but I do like to have some seasonal touches around the house so I like the idea of a cloche because it provides an opportunity for my kids and I to go find some things in nature which represent that season. For example, today Will and I went and found a bunch of colorful leaves. It was fun. We had talks about the leaves, the different shapes, all of the different colors we found, we did some squirrel watching…It made for a really nice walk. For winter we might look for holly leaves or vintage ornaments. At Easter we might blow some eggs out, dye them, and fill it with those.

Do you do anything like this in your home?