How we do Door County, Wisconsin

We’ve been heading up to Door County, Wisconsin (have you ever been up there?) with our very dear friends Chrisa & Tom and their kids for a couple years now. Among a few of our traditions are:

– A drive infused with cheesy 70’s radio tunes
– The Epharaim arrival cocktail (my job)
– Homemade potato chips from the Piggly Wiggly
– Co-mingling of the dogs (we’re determined to make them all great friends)
– A trip to the clearance section at Wilkins and Olander (in Egg Harbor)
– The requisite Renards cheese stop in Sturgeon Bay

Do you have good friends you travel with? Are there fun things you always do together?

The guest cottage. We love having such a pretty place to visit.

Another longstanding tradition…The road trip nap.