On a Tea Kick

My mom’s parents drank tea every morning, a habit I only recently converted to from coffee. Occasionally my family will have a tea party with me, and if it’s been a rough day sometimes I’ll curl up along with a nice cup in the evening.

What is it about a good cup of tea that is so comforting? I have a couple of really special teapots as well. One my beloved mother-in-law gave me before her son and I got married. Another is a classic Brown Betty from when my husband was born in Lakenheath, England.

I think we should talk about this a little bit. I would love to hear about yours and see pictures of your teapots and teacups and hear about your tea recommendations.

In the picture above is a new acquisition, an antique Fiestaware teapot in pink. Then this past weekend at the Kane County flea market I got the beautiful vintage tin from my friend Dana at Sugar Salvage and the tea is from my dear friend Chrisa. She brought it back from a recent trip to London. It’s the tea that the Queen drinks at the palace! (I feel super fancy.)

Are you a tea drinker? What are your favorite tea drinking rituals?

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