Ghostbusters Birthday Party

Our youngest, Will, has been a diehard Ghostbusters fan for half his life. (An easy claim when you’re 5!) So we had to have a Ghostbusters birthday party this year. We kicked off the weekend by taking some friends to see the 30th anniversary showing of Ghostbusters in the movie theater.

Ghostbusters birthday party - at the movies

Then on his actual birthday, September 3rd, we all went to Enchanted Castle in Lombard for fun and games. The staff there was so sweet and helpful. We love going there for family outings.

Anyway, so for the birthday decorations, we stayed with the Ghostbusters theme. I used a black tablecloth and layered red party plates with white to look like the “No Ghosts” symbol. Then we added lots of slime-green touches to round it out.

Ghostbusters birthday party


The birthday cake was made at Oak Park Bakery over in Oak Park, IL. They did a beautiful job and it was delicious. Will thought it was awesome!

Ghostbusters birthday party

For goodie bags, we filled them with slime stuff like twisted lime-green suckers, green play slime, and green glow bracelets.

Ghostbusters birthday party

I actually made a ghost piñata which *someone* (cough cough Dave cough) left at home. [sad face] But we’ll go through that project later.

Such a fun celebration for my 5 year old guy. He loved it and we all had so much fun with him.

Happy birthday, Will!