Furniture painting classes in the Chicago area

Today was a first for me. We had our furniture painting class in Claudia’s lovely backyard garden. I don’t know about you, but I feel like we really earn our beautiful Chicago summers. Who wants to be inside when you can be outside on a gorgeous day like this?

If you’re interested in hosting a private furniture painting class, drop an email to

I’ve lowered my head count requirement to two people for a class. So if you were hesitant to book before because you didn’t get four people together, I’m not doing that anymore.

The price structure is two people for $95 each, three-four people for $85 each, and five-six people for $75 each. Class times are available in the day or evening. Furniture painting classes may be held in your Chicago area home or in a restaurant/bar party room or similar venue.

I provide all materials and I come to you. I bring brushes paint materials to paint tarps cups… everything. All you need to have is a table, chairs, and people to have fun with!

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