Hummingbirds and Ghostbusters

Some days are just jam-packed with experiences.

Dave found out about the Hummingbird Fest in Lemont, and we took the kids out to explore this event put on by The Audubon Society. They explain the migration patterns and demonstrate how they capture, tag, and release these tiny birds.

They also explained how to set up a certified bird habitat in your yard, which would be a fun project for us to do together. You can have your outdoor area certified by the Audubon Society by providing appropriate shelter, food, water, and space. (Click here to learn more)

Then this evening my friend Dana sent a note that there was a Ghostbusters meet-and-greet at the DuPage Fairgrounds with Ernie Hudson (“Winston”) and The Windy City Ghostbusters. If you know anything about our youngest, you know he’s a Ghostbusters fanatic. So we told him to put his jumpsuit on, grab his Winston doll, and get in the truck. We didn’t tell him where we were going, so he got such a great surprise when we arrived. I loved seeing his look of awe, meeting Ernie (so gracious and kind), and meeting our own city Ghostbusters team. They were so nice to Will and invited him to walk in the Chicago Thanksgiving Day Parade with them. He’s so excited. Love it!

I hope you guys had a wonderful Saturday, too. I’m headed over to Jackson Square with a truckload of fresh vintage goods for the booth later on. Hope to see you there soon.