In love with limoncello

I love lemons. I love lemon anything. Lemon drop candy, lemonade, even on pasta with a little mint mixed in, served cold. I also like cocktails. So lemon flavored cocktails? Totally IN!!!

Have you ever tried limoncello? It’s the drink of been obsessing over all summer. It’s delicious sipped slowly out of an aperitif glass or add a little seltzer to it and poured over ice for a wonderful cool and refreshing boozy beverage.

Lemons + booze. How could this ever be a bad thing???

And did you know that you can make it at home? It’s so easy! I would recommend that you use organic Meyer lemons. But just Google, there are so many recipes that I’m not even going to bore you with another one here.

If you have lemons, sugar, water, and a high proof (80+) grain alcohol, then you have everything you need. I’ve done a batch with vodka, and I’ve done a batch with everclear. I know that everclear seems to be more traditional, but I really think that most people would enjoy it with vodka. It’s a little more sophisticated flavor. A little softer, a little easier to enjoy. We’re not looking to get schnockered here. We’re looking for a nice, light, summary, cool, sweet flavor to enjoy in the evening after dinner when you finally get to sit and relax. Serve it out of the freezer in a frosty, ceramic cup. I like to use our sake cups.

I just used the recipe from America’s Test Kitchen, which Dave thought was a great source (we love that show). I’m excited to try it with other citrus fruits. Grapefruit, limes, blood oranges… It’s like being crafty but with booze and fruit! AWESOME!

Cin cin!