What to do with this tiny, high window?

Growing up on the Gulf Coast I have a huge respect and love for stained-glass windows. That’s why I am quite torn as what to do with my own set of them. They’re awfully pretty and I hate to cover them up, but if you can see when you sit and watch TV you have a giant yellow square in the screen. Moving it to the other wall won’t fix it because there’s a matching stained-glass window over there, too. The only other remaining wall is opposite our front bay of windows, also all covered in stained glass.

I know, total first world problems. “Oh! Feel sorry for me! I have too much pretty stained glass in my 1927 bungalow!” WHAT A JERK!

Anyway, so I’m trying to figure out a good window dressing that will allow us to enjoy the stained glass when we want to, but be able to block it out for when we watch TV. I’m wondering if this is one of those situations where you pull the full-length curtains fakearoo job, maybe Roman or roller blinds?

Maybe I should just slap some heavy-duty tinfoil over them and call it a day.

Something classy like that.

Any ideas?


Here’s the reflection of the window hitting the TV.


An idea of the curtains and stuff already in the room.


The window in question.