DIY project: help me reupholster this vintage La-Z-Boy recliner

So I’ve been talking on Facebook with you guys about how I injured my shoulder pretty badly a few months ago. And following so many of your recommendations I found a vintage La-Z-Boy recliner to sleep in. It had to have good bones and be cute. I tried to mentally get into the idea of having one of those big, overstuffed, cushy recliners but I just could not do it. I found this one on Craigslist for $45. What I really liked about it is it has that classic La-Z-Boy cush, but looks like a cute little vintage rocker. And I think since the arms aren’t upholstered that it should be a little easier to reupholster. I might try doing this myself.

My friend Nicole turned me onto this book called “Spruce: A step-by-step guide to upholstery and design” and I’m going to put it to the test.


So that brings us up to the current moment. Would you do a solid or chevron or some kind of cute pattern? What kind of fabric something with texture, velvet? What do you think?

What are your ideas on this? I’ve included some pictures of other elements in the room so that you get an idea what kind of color palette is going on in here. I feel like I could do something cute with paint on the wood parts.

My head always spends with options when I come up with projects like this. I hope you’ll leave your fabulously creative ideas  in the comments section below.