DIY upcycled A-frame trellis and a tiny urban’ish garden

Have you ever turned a project over and over in your head and then one day it comes into focus and you’re like, “DOH! I’m an idiot. Why haven’t I thought of this by now?”

I knew I wanted something crafty for the garden. I don’t really tend toward store bought solutions for things like this. I prefer to make something out of something else. An old garden gate holds clematis in the backyard, a livestock tank for a soaking tub…you know, stuff like that. Little substitutions that make the environment a bit more interesting.

Anyhoo…I went to our local garden store this morning and just didn’t see anything that sparked any ideas. Then I got home and these two old wood-framed window screens were sitting just inside the door with the rest of the stuff I cleared out of the shop last weekend. I cut some nylon strapping, hit those suckers with a couple good pops from the staple gun, and BAM. Now we have an A-frame trellis to support our summer squash and cucumbers. Dave says, “It’s a bit rough looking.” but that won’t really matter once it’s covered with greenery. It just needs to breathe and be sturdy.

Take THAT $50 A-frame trellis from Gardener’s Supply (which may admittedly be prettier, but not as cool ’cause this was FREE.)

DIY a-frame trellis


I’m still playing that “Injured Shoulder” card pretty hard so the kids did all the planting.

upcycled a-frame trellis


Will helped by setting traps for his dad made out of the plastic pots.



We got herbs, too! And beans.

Beans, cilantro, dill, parsley, oregano, and basil.


Rocking the alley-picked repurposed window screens turned A-frame trellis.

DIY a-frame trellis

We’re pretty proud of how much we’ve squeezed into such a small area. These Chicago-style lots don’t leave much green space but we managed to plant herbs, several tomato plants, 4 bell pepper plants, eggplant, watermelon, cucumbers, spaghetti squash, beans, and summer squash.

DIY a-frame trellis