My microbudget film kit

Back when I went to school, everything was film. I learned to splice and edit the way it had been done for decades and made my first film on a Super 8 camera. The bug to make movies, specifically documentaries, never left. I’m always so interested in the stories folks have to tell. The technology available today finally puts the tools I need within my grasp. I like being scrappy and resourceful, so the fact that I can accomplish what I want to do with very little money is exciting to me and as inspiring as the creative process itself. It’s so MacGyver! Here’s my setup:

small budget film kit

Everything nestled neatly in a rolling Pelican Case.

  • My Nikon D3100 (already owned)
  • Battery grip and extra batteries
  • 18mm-55mm Nikon lens (already owned)
  • Tascam DR-100mkII 2 channel digital audio recorder
  • Lavalier microphone
  • Dual shoe bracket, for holding the audio recorder and LED light panel
  • Benro video monopod with 3 leg base
  • Shoulder rig mount
  • Dimmable LED light panel
  • Reflectors

Instead of an expensive digital clapper board, I downloaded an app for my iPad so I can easily sync audio and video. With the audio recorder mounted to my camera, which is mounted to the monopod, I don’t have to fumble with an extra tripod. It’s all lean and nimble. The D3100 produces beautiful footage and it’s a very affordable camera. I mean, for a setup running less than $700 (not including the camera and lens, which I already had) how can you go wrong? I hope this inspires other folks to realize how accessible micro-budget filmmaking is. Is this something you would tackle? Check out the teaser for our first project by clicking here. small budget film kit   small budget film kit

small budget film kit Monopod