First Elkhorn Antique Flea Market of the season

Yesterday my friend, her daughter, my son, and I loaded up and drove to the first Elkhorn Antique Flea Market of the season. I’m not sure how they do it, but they always seem to have the most gorgeous weather on market days. It’s was gloriously beautiful after such a long winter.

Oh my gosh. Overwhelming amounts of awesome junk. Neither of us really had an agenda. Will and I had decided to hunt for a cool box for him to put his treasures in. It seems like whenever he and Dave go on a nature walk, he comes back with some cool old rock, bone, or a handful of acorns. So we found a really neat wood box that looks like it was probably made in someone’s shop class. The woman who sold it to us had a bowl of small arrowheads and gave one to each of the kids. -Even more cool treasure for their collections.


My favorite part of the day was watching the two kids explore the market together. They found some really cool old handmade dollhouses, birdhouses, and vintage toys.

Admittedly I was not efficient in my working of the market. We were more just about enjoying the day, the browsing, visiting, and ice cream.


The only thing I took home for us (not for the booth) is a set of vintage redwood & aluminum yard furniture. There’s a neat folding bench, coffee table, and 2 armchairs. Of course they’re going in the camper.


Great day, lovely company, and a great start to the outdoor market season.