A change is coming ~ closing one location, moving to another

Years ago I had a photo studio and gallery in Pilsen. I loved it. I had a beautiful courtyard, a garden, and wonderful neighbors who inspired me every day. So when I first moved to Brookfield I felt very much like a fish out of water. I didn’t know anyone, especially not any creative professionals. It took a long time to find my place in the area.

One morning I wandered over into Jackson Square Antique Mall. I found so many dealers who had that style I love. They found the neatest treasures and the coolest old furniture. That was about 13 years ago. Ahhh I wanted a booth in there so badly. So I signed up and waited. I wasn’t patient, but I waited anyway. In the meantime I decided to open my shop a couple of years ago. That was an amazing experience on many levels. It’s a business I grew up around. My grandfather had a shop as well as my mom. She still keeps antique booths around Texas and enjoys going hunting for finds to sell. I enjoy that same search and really get a kick out of turning things into something fresh for another person to enjoy in their home.

So the long and the short of it is…

I’m closing the La Grange shop location and I finally get to have my booth at Jackson Square.

SO many emotions. I’m sad that things didn’t work out as I had hoped. I’ve made a lot of mistakes and learned from them all. I’ll probably blog more about that later. There are a lot of things I’d do different. There are things I was certain about at the time and should have stuck with. There are perceptions I had that turned out to be quite untrue. I’ll probably second guess every little thing for years to come.

I love my shop. I love the story it tells. I REALLY love the people it has brought into my life. I’ve met some amazingly talented folks who inspire me every day. I feel like I found my little nest, so to speak. Now it just needs to change shape. There are other things I want to take on, and being that there are only 24 hours in a day, that time has to come from somewhere, right?

The positive here is that I now have the honor of being parked next to the most talented vintage vendors in the area. I’m so excited. Sad to leave my own store, excited to be in such an inspiring environment.

At any rate, I hope you’ll join me as we clear out the store over the next couple weeks and get ready for our new adventure.