Design question: Using industrial light strings in a retail setting?

I’m trying to figure out lighting for the shop. LOATHE the flat paneled fluorescents in the drop ceiling. Yuck. The light is unflattering and not warm or inviting at all. Considering canned or track lighting, but not sure if I can make that kind of permanent installation in the space.


industrial light string



Also thinking about doing those industrial strings of lights, like the ones you’d see at an outdoor carnival. -Swagging them in a zigzag pattern across the width of the store.

Do you find those charming? Or do you think they’d just look tacked up?

industrial light string white cord

They do come with white cords, so against a white ceiling they might look cute and vintagey. (a real word now) But maybe something could be done to warm those up even more, like long strips of torn muslin hung slightly higher so there’s a layered look? Ugh. I don’t know. I need professional design opinions. The shop is supposed to have a 1940’s farmhouse vibe, so I feel like we can get away with slightly unconventional fixtures.