Pining for a green sofa



green sofas

Seeing this post over at Making it Lovely has stoked a fire that’s been burning in my soul. A fire which can only be put out with a gorgeous green sofa.

Normally I’m all about the neutral sofa, but green…oooh lately green sounds swoony. Last spring I had a crazy moment when I found a new Room and Board sofa at Goodwill for $75. It was right after we had lost everything in the basement flood, so I looked on it as a blessing.

And now I want it to be green. (It’s gray)

Can I do a slipcover? How hard is that? It doesn’t have to be perfectly fitted, but if it could magically transform into one of those gorgeous beauties up there, I wouldn’t turn my nose up.


(Sorry about the dappled light. This is in my front room, directly across from our windows.)

This is what I have to work with. It’s in great shape, nice and long for Dave. I won’t have to work around any pillows or soft-shaped cushions, so it seems like a good candidate for a fitted slipcover. What do you think? Tackle it myself or hire it out?