Healthy living check in: Day 43

I lamented before about seeing the American Dealers video and being so sad about how jowly I was looking. Blah! That’s not cool. And it’s especially uncool because it made me feel ugly. Life is too short to beat yourself up like that, right?

I’m also not one of those folks who likes to complain without doing something about it, so I got on the wagon to weight loss. I’ve also fell off a few times so far! I’m fairly certain that those lemon drop martinis and Jalapeño poppers I ate last night at The Sanctuary in Brookfield are *not* part of my whole-food-plant-based diet.

I use the term “diet” as in “what I eat” not how I’m restricting myself. The thing I’ve found really interesting in taking this approach is how you look at your food as though you’re discovering a whole new arena of menus and ingredients. I don’t think of it as “I’m never having ice cream again”. I think of it as “OMG I never knew there was such a thing as blueberry chia seed pudding and that it’s so freaking good!”

So here I am at day 43. I think I’ll keep going. 🙂

Let me know if we’re doing this together!

Day 43