Eating healthy update


I decided to change the focus of my health just about a month and a half ago. It’s not a diet, just changing what I eat in that I’m dialing in better quality food. More plants, more whole foods, fewer meats, no processed food-like stuff.

I went to the doctor yesterday for an unrelated issue (I’m a dolt and fell off a chair at the shop) to find out that I’ve lost 10 pounds. That’s a nice perk, but the best part is that I feel really, really good. Tons more energy.

Here are some tweaks that I’ve found save a lot of impact on my body:

  • Adding soy milk in place of half & half to my morning coffee.
  • Eating lots of raw veggies and fruits.
  • Adding as much protein as I can that is not animal-based.
  • Drinking lots of water, especially when I want something snacky in the afternoon. I add a few Mio drops, just enough for some flavor, and I’ve been totally fine staying away from sodas.

The bonus to eating things like raw veggies is that there is zero cooking time cause it’s RAW! I just shred the veggies, dump it all in a bowl, toss in some yellow curry or tikka masala sauce on it and dinner is DONE. My 4 year old son even eats it.

Last night we had quinoa with lentils, green chickpeas and masala. It was warm and cozy. Everyone cleaned their bowls. -That’s what’s shocking to me, that the kids are not being as picky about the new menus as I might have imagined. Weird.