American Dealers

About 3 weeks ago I got a really exciting email from this guy named Shawn, who’s working on a show called American Dealers. He explained that he is working with a team who are putting together a pilot season for a new show focused on the stories behind vintage and antiques dealers. -Because each of us is driven and inspired by our own elements, be it a family history or personal passions. It’ll be broadcast via web first with hopes that it’ll be picked up by a network. (I’m lookin’ at you HTGV, History Channel, Discovery Channel!)

We chatted back and forth by email, then by phone, and that led to them coming into my shop for an on-camera interview. Of course now I’m trying to think back on everything I said, how I said it, and hoping I don’t sound like a complete geek. I do know that I am not happy with how I looked, which has led to a really enjoyable new journey where I’ve been tracking my food, learning more about it, and fine tuning toward a healthier way of eating. -Determined to banish that double chin which snuck it’s way onto my body! (When did THAT happen???) Yea 40’s.

Anyway, as I typically do, I digressed. American Dealers is a very exciting new prospect for the shop, of course, but the guys who are working on it are so smart, so focused, and I was so impressed with their vision that I’m cheering them on. I just know they will reach their goals. Go boys, go! I hope you’ll take a minute and check out their Facebook page (click here) and their YouTube channel (click here).

Can I show you the brand new trailer? I’m in there around the :47 mark. EEK!


american dealers: a
Shawn, the very sweet gentleman who interviewed me.

american dealers: alana-still

A still from the interview

american dealers: crew-shoot-pic

Very busy crew guys

american dealers: kelly-alana

A still from the shoot, the wonderful Kelly and I saying “rhubarb” over and over so we look like we’re having an important conversation.

American dealers: wired-for-sound

I’m wired for sound!


I still can’t believe this is happening.

Thank you so much for indulging me while I geek out over this. I hope you’ll follow the American Dealers project.