My small creative space

Last spring a flood ruined my old creative space in our finished basement and all my supplies were left with nowhere to go. So just a couple months ago I started trying to massage them all into a vintage Hoosier cabinet in the corner of our living room until we can get the basement fixed up again.

It turns out that I was a bit overly optimistic that I could squeeze it all into just the cabinet for storage, but I’ve at least been trying to utilize vintage objects whenever I can so that it’ll at least have an air of cuteness to it. There’s just no getting around a couple of rubber drawer bins, though. I’d love some suggestions for something to sub those out for.

Anyway, here we go…

Hoosier cabinet creative studio in a corner
Using a vintage Hoosier cabinet, suitcases, picnic baskets, and kitchen cart instead of traditional office furniture is my attempt to at least keep it cute.

craft room storage
Using a sliding spice bottle drawer for washi and label tape, Mason jars for beads, and found objects, cabinet risers for inks, glues, glitters, and a hardware drawer for tiny stuff like pins, buttons, and findings.

craft room work surface
I keep a Martha Stewart self-healing cutting matt out as a work surface. An old flatware bucket stores my wood-handled screwdrivers and other tools for easy access.

Vintage kitchen tins and suitcases for craft storage
Found objects and various ephemera are stashed in this antique paper suitcase from Germany. Pens and markers are stored in a vintage kitchen canister.

Sewing, glues, odds & ends
The drawers everyone has…the stuff you don’t know what to do with. Sewing notions, glue, sanding block…and an old Girl Scout pocket knife.
Using a picnic basket to organize and store paper
One of my favorite accidents, finding out that 12×12 paper fits in this vintage tin picnic basket. I’d much rather look at that than a filing cabinet. 

Kitchen cart craft storage
So far anything I’ve needed a storage space for has found a solution by repurposing some other item in my house. Here my Silhouette machine, paper cutter, and embossing machine are stored on a vintage Cosco kitchen cart.

Lots of storage
These old Hoosier cabinets have tons and tons of storage.
Lots of drawers, so most of my frequently-used tools are close at hand.

Old slacks hanger and metal clips for display
An old metal slacks hanger and binder clips work for displaying bits and pieces until they’re ready to be bound together.

Hoosier cabinet drawers
The old bread box drawer is nice and deep, so I keep bins of jewelry making supplies in there along with spray mounts, paints, and anything that’s too big to fit anywhere else.

Am I thrilled with having to keep all of this out in the open in a room I’d otherwise prefer to keep stylized and tidy? Nah. But you know what, we’re making lemonade here. I like that the situation has pushed me to get creative with my storage options. Plus it’s become more of a family thing, grabbing supplies and making something together with the kids. Those moments seem to happen more often when all the stuff is right there.