COMING SOON! Art & Craft supplies…and Tim Holtz!

Just recently I’ve gotten back to doing art journaling. I can’t really call what I do “scrapbooking” because it’s really loosy-goosy mixed media style. So you know my current hero is Tim Holtz.

We were chatting about all of this on the Nest Vintage Modern Facebook page the other night. Very quickly one of the reps got in touch with me and set up an account so we can sell all of their wonderful art and craft products.

You guys, there are some really awesome brands in this collection. Some well-known, some new to you and me, but all of them really gorgeous with tons of vintage charm. Lines from Tim Holtz, 7 Gypsies, Jenni Bowlin-The Farmer’s Wife, and more, more, MORE!

I’m so excited that I’m blogging about this on THANKSGIVING, of all days. WHAT? Yeah!

So while we get it all plugged into the site, here’s a fun video to wet your whistle.

(PS: All of the products in our new Art & Craft Supplies section will be shipped within 24 hours.)