DIY: How to make a vintage suitcase table

We’ve all seen those cute projects on Pinterest showing coffee tables, night stands, and pet beds made out of vintage suitcases, right? Well it’s probably one of the simplest upcycling projects you could tackle and lots of fun to boot. Here’s one I did recently with a chalkboard top. It’ll work as a cute play table with storage for Matchbox cars, Legos, etc. inside, then a game & drawing surface for tic-tac-toe, hangman, checkers, whathaveya.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 sturdy hard-sided, flat (not tapered) suitcase
4 sets of table leg hardware (find it in the decorative wood section at the hardware store)
4 decorative screw-in table legs, available in several lengths
4 sets of screws and nuts (enough for the holes in your hardware). The hardware comes with short wood screws. You won’t use those.
Paint (if you want it)

Step 1
Paint your suitcase (If you like. The surface of mine was pretty messed up.) I used Old Fashioned Milk Paint with Extra Bond mixed in.



Step 2
Place your hardware for the table legs snug in the corners and mark where the holes will be with a pencil. Then drill the holes for your screws. Do this on all 4 corners.


Step 3
Place the table leg hardware, then push the screws through and tighten a nut on the inside. Do this on all 4 corners.






Step 4
Paint or stain your table legs, then once dry, screw into the table leg hardware.

Step 5
Marvel at your crafty upcycling skills.
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Such an easy and fun project. What do you think?