Vintage Hoosier craft cabinet

Awhile back I procured a really nifty ol’ Hoosier cabinet that needed a lot of love. It had always been painted, was chippy and ready for a facelift. After looking at it, tilting my head, furrowing my brow, and smooshing my lips up, I decided it would be an awesome craft cabinet. —Which, according to Facebook feedback, is the most evil thing you can do with a vintage Hoosier in the whole entire world, but I’m a sadistic crafter who loves ruining good furniture, so there you have it.

hoosier craft cabinet

Anyway, the counter slides out — perfect for a desk-like working area, and there are all kinds of nooks and crannies. After a quick trip to The Container Store, I’m on my way.

On the top shelf, I used stepped spice shelves for sparkly stuff and small bottles of paint. In the lower area, there are various stash boxes for beads and findings as well as jars for all the found object junk I tend to hoard collect. Hey, I got plans!

Hoosier craft cabinet

But my FAVORITE favorite hot tip is the slide out spice drawer that is the exact size for holding rolls of Washi tape, which I have plans to marry. I can’t take any credit for this discovery. I was watching YouTube videos of craft storage and now I can’t remember who’s video it was. If I track it down, I’ll give proper credit, because it’s an awesome idea.

Check it out!

Washi tape storage

Please ignore the funky stain on the enamel countertop.

Can’t wait to round up all the stray supplies from around the house and tuck them all neatly away.