Why you never find vintage queen size headboards

Or “When were queen size beds first made?”

One of the wish list items we get asked about pretty often is, “Do you guys ever get mid-century modern queen size headboards?” We don’t because vintage queen beds are very rare. This morning it prompted me to do a little digging so I could provide a better-informed reason why that is.

In 1958, the Simmons Company introduced the queen size and king size mattress. Before that time the size hadn’t been standardized. So of course it took awhile for the queen size to catch on with the mainstream, which also makes that size bed frame very rare for that era. What a lot of folks do is use a full size headboard, which *almost* spans the width of a queen size mattress.

As the wife of a 6’5″ husband, my jaw drops at all those couples who shared full size beds for their entire marriage!