The “Best Home Decor Store” in the Chicago ‘burbs?! Wha???

This afternoon I was heading into the shop. I had heard from Sara that our AC wasn’t working and it’s been really hot lately. The furniture has recently caught quite a bit of traction and has been moving at such a clip that we’ve been working to keep up with replenishing the stock. (NOT complaining about that AT ALL.) So I knew we had work to do and was not really digging the idea of doing it in a 90 degree store. -Oh, and we’d be doing this with a 4 year old who’s been on a real tear lately.


When I got through the door, Sara ran up to me and said, “Close your eyes!” So I did (and tried really hard not to peek) and she put this in my hands:

Proud to be Suburban Life 2013 Readers' Choice Awards  "Best Home Decor Store" in the Chicago 'burbs!

Funny how all those silly little things just pop right out of your head when something like this is placed in your paws! I mean, holy cow.

We work so hard. We’ve been working hard for years. Before there was the store in La Grange, there was a store in Brookfield and before that were flea and antique markets, and before that was the website. Our accountant rolled his eyes when I told him I was opening a store of this nature. We had so many people comment on the initial news articles about how foolish it was to go and open a business in this economy, how nobody needs what we sell. But I knew how determination and hard work can occasionally work in our favor. (Determination and hard work occasionally come dressed up as stubborn and foolish waste of time.)

Sara and I get to do what we love, so it doesn’t feel much like work. Which is why I guess it’s easy to become workaholics. -Because we’re doing what is fun to us. On weekends we go to flea markets and pay retail for what we could have in our own shop for wholesale. Ridiculous! But it’s fun. And thank goodness for the 15 year interactive design career I left and all the skills I got to walk away with. I don’t think we’d be able to promote ourselves nearly this much if we were paying an agency. So that’s a blessing.

God I love my husband so much right now. He’s been so helpful and so supportive. He’s never batted an eye when I’ve asked for help with a delivery or moving stuff into the shop. And he dealt with a wife who was making a great living who said she was going to chuck it and open a vintage home decor shop.

What a nut.

So I’m looking at this piece of paper that says to me that while we’ve had our heads down, working hard to curate what we think are cute and affordable things for people to enjoy in their homes, someone noticed and like it. That’s so awesome. How lucky we are. Just absolutely blessed.

Thank you. (thank you thank you thank you.)


Alana, Sara, Madison, & Cher
Nest Vintage Modern

Proud to be Suburban Life 2013 Readers’ Choice Awards  “Best Home Decor Store” in the Chicago ‘burbs.