The Great American Roadtrip 2013

We had such a great time traveling as a family a couple of years ago on our last big road trip. This year, my fabulous Great Aunt Haydee is turning 100. (!!!) So everyone is coming in from all over the place to be at this historic and fun family event.

Dave and I are packing up the kids Beverly, our dog, and hitching up our 1970 Avion camper so we can turn the whole trip into a fun adventure.

Anyone have any “must see” stuff for the following areas or anything along the way?

Starting off in Chicago
Memphis, TN Monday pit stop
Eats: (suggestions?)
Lodging: Camping on Lake Ouachita in Hot Springs National Park

Just outside Baton Rouge, LA
Lodging: (suggestions?)
Eats: Family gathering

New Orleans, LA
Lodging: N/A passing through
Eats: Cafe du Monde breakfast, then grab some muffaletta at Central Grocery for the road.

Nashville, TN
Lodging: (suggestions?)
Eats: Loveless Cafe 8400 Highway 100, Nashville, TN

Definitely need to stop and see the Wigwam Village in Cave City, KY. I’ve wanted to go as long as I can remember. Any other good roadside kitch worth stopping for?

Thank you!