Floods and opportunities

Last Thursday the Chicago area suffered some pretty hardcore rainfall. As a result of overburdened sewers, our basement flooded. I don’t want to tell you how the water came in or the color & texture of said water. It’s pretty gross. I can’t really complain that much. There are tens if not hundreds of thousands of folks in the same boat.

It sucks. So…

Let’s cut to the silver lining.

My craft room was so stuffed full of junk that I didn’t even know what all was in there anymore since we do most of our work at the shop. The basement was not executed well in the past (think hardwood floors and matching bead board halfway up the walls. Wood-o-Rama.) So this is all a great opportunity to start fresh and get things sorted out.

Once we get past this phase of tear out/dry up, we’ll get to do some things right that we wish had been done better before, which is always exhilarating. I can move past the modern sofa I splurged on from Chiasso which never held it’s shape well, and the chairs the cats thought made excellent mani/pedi stations.

I’ve been reading Miss Mustard Seed’s book, “Inspired You: Breathing New Life into Your Heart and Home”. Her design theme & message are very timely for my family. So let’s get this thing on track, not be sad about stuff that’s gone (especially when I didn’t know what was in those boxes after 3 years), and enjoy the chance to start anew.


It’s a basement living room. The hardwood floors put in by the previous owner after their own (undisclosed) flooding were pretty, but turned out not to be so practical and are so badly warped that they have to be ripped out. So we’re going to do barn wood style vinyl planks which won’t absorb water if/when we experience flooding in the future.

The built ins, which were neat to have, are also badly warped from being soaked. So we’re going to look for some industrial shelving to hold the electronics for the home theater.

I’d like to go earthy/vintage French. Linen tones, soft and cushy. I’m going to keep a stack of 10″ 4×4 blocks handy so I can put the soft stuff up high in the event we get water again.

In order to help move past the ugly present, I’ve decided it would be fun to focus on the fun part, creating a vision to move toward as soon as the slate is clean. Naturally, the first step is to create a board on Pinterest!

Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 7.03.47 PM


Did I mention that we are also moving to our new store this week? And that I’m still dealing with the drunk driving thing?

Locusts…the locusts are definitely next.


Just keep swimming! Just keep swim-ming!