At the top of my list of things that suck: drunk drivers

At about 4:45 this morning my husband and I woke up out of a deep sleep by a loud crash. I had a gut feeling it was one of our cars and ran outside in my pajamas and bare feet to find this young guy in his little red car trying to turn around in our neighbor’s driveway and drive away. I ran and stood in front of his car. No way was some drunk idiot going to smash our car and leave.

As I stood there the picture began to fill in more. It wasn’t one car, it was both. And he had hit my husband’s Jeep Cherokee so hard that it was on top of my Subaru Tribeca. Both cars look like they’ve been attacked by a monster with a can opener. After awhile I realized my feet hurt. I was standing in bare feet on frozen ground covered in broken glass.

The police came right away, several of them, and the guy failed the field sobriety test horribly. Then I watched as an officer pulled a bag of pot out of his car. There was a passenger in the back seat with a pretty nasty gash on his head who was taken away by an ambulance. They arrested the driver.

When Dave and I decided to try to have a baby, I had two daughters already and knew we would need a car with a third row. I wanted to invest in something really solid that I could pay off and keep for years, so I bought a Subaru. We take lots of road trips, so I got something the kids would enjoy spending time in. It’s by far the nicest vehicle I’ve ever owned and I felt really good that I could provide it for my family.

I’ve been paying on it for the last 3 years and now it’s gone. And because I quit my longtime career to open a store, I’m sure I don’t look like I’m very loan-worthy on paper. I doubt anyone will give a new car loan to a self-employed shop keeper. I don’t know…maybe they will. Right now I’m just assuming the worst.

The guy who hit our cars had no proof of insurance and the police haven’t said anything to the contrary yet, so I’m guessing it turned out that he doesn’t have any.

Awesome. Drunk driver, bag of weed in his car, no insurance (so far). And my husband and I, who did nothing wrong, are left with no car between us. I’m not sure what we’ll do. I suppose we’ll figure that out as more pieces fall into place. I know that the insurance will pay off the amount remaining on the loan. I have coverage, so at least I won’t be paying on a car that’s totaled, if it is totaled, and I can’t imagine it’s not. But at the end of the day, I’ve paid for 3 years on a car and have ended up with nothing to show for it because of a drunk @#$hole. If the drunk has insurance, at least something will come from Dave’s Jeep.

Of course there are silver linings. No one was killed. No one was in our cars. They didn’t hit anyone else. But please pardon me if I indulge in a little sadness that we drew this bummer card.

It sucks.

Update 7:30pm 3/14/13: We have SafeAuto and still haven’t spoken to a claims adjuster. No car for either of us. Still no word on the other driver’s insurance.

Update: 3:40pm 3/15/13: SafeAuto got the rental car taken care of. Apparently the guy driving was not the owner of the car. Which will either make this more of a hairball or at least cough up some proof of insurance. Fingers crossed.

Update: 2:20pm 3/18/13: Found out the names of the driver and the owner of the car. And thanks to their Twitter feeds where they’re bragging about how drunk they were the night they wrecked our cars, we at least have a lead for where to go next. They still have not provided insurance information. An inspector is going to look at our cars today at the tow lot. We expect them both to be declared totaled and at that point, we will only have our 1 rental car for 2 more days because the driver & car owner haven’t given their insurance info. The owner of the care is whining about how bored he is in the hospital and the driver has moved past this, declaring:

More clarity has come into the picture as far as process goes. The cars will be gone. We will be buying replacements out of our own pockets. Which will be a piece of cake, you know, because we just have so much money laying around that we don’t know what to do with it all. Maybe I can scrape together enough for a ’98 Astrovan. I use my car for work every day and now I have no way to do what I need to do. I’m disgusted. Absolutely sickened. These two twerps had such a great time, trashed our vehicles, and then don’t have the tiniest amount of human decency to make their horrific errors right. Why is it up to US to fix the results of their terrible behavior???

Update (same day): Just received the estimates from the car inspection. Dave’s car is totaled and we are now on the hook for the towing and tow lot storage fees because the drunks won’t turn over their insurance info. But then, where do we tow it to? For my car, we’re looking at at least 7k in repairs, plus I’m on the hook for a $500 deductible, again, only because these scumbags did what they did and are now ignoring it.

Update  (JULY 9, 2013): On March 14th, a drunk driver totaled both of our cars. $3000 out of pocket for a down payment on a new car, we’re down to 1 vehicle. Safeway Auto Insurance, the drunk’s company, STILL will not return our communications. The Safeway Auto Insurance claims rep, Joanna Murillo, is completely ignoring our emails and calls. Still no check, nothing. Unbelievable.


Drunk driver wreck

The drunk driver hit Dave’s Jeep so hard that it smashed into mine all the way up to the windshield of my Subaru.

Drunk driver wreck

The response by the local police and fire departments was amazing.

Drunk driver wreck

Dave’s car on top of my car.

Drunk driver wreck

Looking down at the hood of my Subaru