Waiting for spring, planning for our Airstream Argosy

I can’t believe I’m just now blogging about this.

At the end of last summer, we bought a 1972 Airstream Argosy. I hesitate to say this since we’ve already played the Mama Bear, Papa Bear, Baby Bear game with a few other vintage campers…but (cringe) I think this may be the right one. We all fit in it, my 6’5″ husband can stand up in it, it’s not too heavy for our Subaru Tribeca to pull, and it even has a shower and toilet.

It’s also beige.

I’m in love with a giant metal Twinkie.

So that’s gotta change. We’re going buttery ivory on top and sagey green on the bottom. The decor will be all vintage summer camp style. Old Pendleton blankets, vintage picnic baskets, metal flashlights, plaid flannel, rusty metal. Cozy and masculine but still very pretty.

If the name Argosy is new to you, they were made by Airstream. They’re basically painted Airstreams, but some metal components are steel where Airstream used aluminum, and they tend to be a little lighter than Airstreams. The Argosy model was basically where Airstream developed new ideas before rolling them out to the rest of the line. So some of them have neat things that none of the old Airstreams have. Mine is pretty bare bones, which is fine. No old air conditioner that doesn’t work, no old 8 track stereo to rip out. I’m totally OK with that. It needs some body work and I’m going to do some fun stuff on the inside.

So spring, hurry up. I got stuff to do!

Update: See “The Vintage Camper Stash, She Grows!”