Nest Vintage Modern makes gold out of grime

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Nest Vintage Modern: makes gold out of grime
Local women partner up to sell locally-created and recycled goods.

When most folks see an old, beat up piece of furniture on the side of the road, they see garbage. Sara Emmick and Alana Waters-Piper of Chicago-area Nest Vintage Modern see yummy, chippy gold.

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“There’s nothing more fun than reviving a beautiful old piece and giving it a fresh new go-round.”, says Alana. “I don’t see the flaws in the old veneer as a bad thing. I think it’s a great opportunity to really play with texture and character.”


Sara is jokingly referred to as the Thrift Ninja by friends. This is a woman who can scan a barn sale and spot the corner of a rare vintage (valuable) Bob Dylan poster poking out under a pile of dirt. “It drives my husband nuts. I’m always finding such fun new stuff when I’m out hunting that I like to enjoy them in my home for a little bit before taking them into the shop. So the home decor is constantly being moved around. At some point it’s likely he’s going to miss a chair when he goes to sit down.”

Alana tends to want to work with older pieces from the 40’s or earlier. Sara likes to add more mod to the Mid-Century Modern.

“It’s a great balance. The store was named Nest Vintage Modern way before I met Sara. We met because of the store, just hit it off, and I found that our styles balanced each others’ out really well. It makes for a fun shopping experience.”, Waters-Piper commented.

Alana and Sara round the shop out with lots of fun new giftware, jewelry, purses, and home accessories, but it all comes back to the vintage vibe. New and old, it all goes together.

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“It’s a big core value of ours to make sure that our store is very shoppable for our local community. The jewelry runs in the $20 range, handmade soaps a few dollars, handmade soy candles are $8.99. You can come in and expect to find multiple options for cute vintage dressers, all around $225-$250. China cabinets run around $275-$300. We work really hard to curate a collection of goods that look funky-high-end boutique, but are accessible in this economy. We carry many items that are handmade by women in the area. The store has a funky Etsy vibe.” says Waters-Piper.


One thing’s for sure, no two visits to Nest Vintage Modern will be the same. There’s always something new and the women do a lot of the furniture painting right on the floor of the shop and are happy to give tips to folks looking to try a project of their own.

Waters-Piper smiles, “This is a place to spend some time. Sit and visit, browse, share ideas. That just sort of happened on it’s own and we love it. It feels great to be integrated in the community. We’re recycling, making good stuff for folks, buying products from local talent, enjoying social time with regulars who stop by just to visit. It’s like a dream come true.”


About Nest Vintage Modern:
Nest is located at 26 S. La Grange Rd. in La Grange, IL. They’re open from 11-7 Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, open until 9 on Fridays & Saturdays, and 12-4 on Sundays. Most of the new giftware, jewelry, and purses are available at, vintage furniture and paints are only available in-store.


Contact for Further Information
Alana Waters-Piper, Owner
Location: 26 S. La Grange Rd., La Grange, IL  60525
Phone: 708-493-2147

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