Cover a globe with buttons, chalkboard paint, or just let it be

Sara and I have been enjoying old globes quite a bit lately. She came into the shop (Sara does lots of picking for Nest) a couple of months ago with a stash of Soviet Union era globes with beautiful Mid-Century typography on them. The colors were just gorgeous. But there was one sad little modern globe, nothing very special. So she took it home and painstakingly covered it (I mean covered it) using hot glue and a metric butt-ton of buttons (see what I did there?).

Button-covered globe

Ok, so my craftiness was totally one-upped, but I don’t mind at all. I’m enjoying the chalkboard paint covered globe I made yesterday.

Chalkboard globe

And you know, if you find an old globe with countries that don’t exist anymore (always a fascinating hunt, spinning around looking at borders) they look awesome in a grouping. Look for different topography color schemes, vintage typography, and varied sizes.

Vintage globe grouping