Decorating on the vintage camp theme

I’ve been so single-minded lately, obsessed with anything evocative of vintage summer camps.

And then, of course, always in the back of my mind is how to decorate our vintage Airstream Argosy in a fun way.

Our Airstream Argosy, staged for a photo shoot.

Marry the two obsessions and you start a hoarding pile which includes things like vintage camp pennants, old picnic baskets, chippy enamelware, wool blankets, and maybe even a teensy mounted set of antlers. (We won’t talk about the bouquet of vintage archery arrows on their way from eBayland.)

Airstream Argosy decor pile

Not pictured, the collection of vintage canvas camp chairs and stools, or our old green Coleman cooler. It kinda comes together, right? At least I hope so. I’m really trying to capture that easy old summer camp vibe. Can you think of anything else we should include?

OH! I haven’t told you about the mega-awesome antique buffet that I’m going to turn into a galley for the camper. We’ll (and by that I mean Dave) cut a hole in the top and drop in a bar sink, then I’ll just tuck a portable hotplate in one of the drawers. Then we’ll bolt it to the floor so it won’t go a-wanderin’ en route. Since I haven’t gotten that far yet, I’ll show you where I got stole the idea. (Hey! It was too cool not to use.)

Junk Gypsies Dierks Bentley Airstream buffet turned kitchen

Idea brazenly clepto-ed from the Junk Gypsies makeover of Dierks Bentley’s Airstream

So are you getting the picture yet? Does the theme gel? Any other ideas? What do you remember from the old summer camps?
I’m kind of stumped for curtain ideas. With the old wool blankets and pillows, I don’t want to have craziness going on in the patterns. Or maybe an old-color palette plaid. Hmm…